Your Favorite Character

Who is your favorite character?
Tristen McCoy, 46 votes (21 %)
Billy Morrow, 33 votes (15 %)
Sasha Roux, 31 votes (14 %)
Pierce Ferrari, 43 votes (19 %)
Marcella Venier, 35 votes (16 %)
Skye Floresku, 35 votes (16 %)
Total votes: 223

Birthday October 1st, 16 years old

6' 2" Tall, Blonde hair, green eyes

Co-Captain of the Lacrosse team, he plays in the Attack position. Tristen enjoys writing poetry in his free time. He lives in Hibernia, NJ with his parents and younger sister & brother. Always upbeat and optimistic, Tristen welcomes each new day as if it were a page to be filled with all his great experiences. He is extremely likable and fiercely loyal to his friends.

Memorable Quote: "My friend, I can see by the look on your face that you are going to the dark side. You are so lucky I can't read your mind."

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Birthday September 25, 16 years old

6' 1" Tall, Brown Hair, Brown eyes

Tristen's best friend, Billy has been playing Lacrosse on the same team as Goalie since he was six. Billy is much more cautious and unsure ever since the untimely death of his father seven years ago.He also lives in Hibernia, NJ with his mother and younger sister. Often at battle with his internal demons, Billy struggles to preserve his self esteem daily. He feels his best on the playing field where he can totally focus on what he knows he's good at.

Memorable Quote: "Well, he did it again. Mom could never be mad at Tristen for more than 5 seconds. I guess age doesn't matter, when you're Tristen no woman can resist you."

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Birthday May 3, 16 years old

5' 6" Tall, Black curly,long hair, almond shaped green eyes

Billy's girlfriend, Sasha is a flirt. She met Billy and Tristen in pre-K and they have been inseparable as friends ever since. Sasha was waiting listed for Curtis Hall. Torn between the need to be her own person and the love of her friends, Sasha successfully hides her insecurities behind a mask of confident beauty.

Memorable Quote: " Watching a bunch of guys trip over some girl is just not that entertaining for me...unless the girl is me!"

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Birthday July 31, 18 years old

6' 3" Tall, jet black hair, grey eyes

Pierce is a Senior at Curtis Hall. He is the Co-Captain of the Lacrosse team also playing Goalie. Pierce is an intense young man possessing excellent leadership skills. He speaks fluent French and loves to read in his spare time, his favorite author being Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cool, confident and collected, nothing rattles his cage. Pierce comes from a home he shared with a mother and three older sisters, he is both respectful and protective of women. Both honorable and ambitious, he prefers to maintain a healthy balance in his life.

Memorable Quote: " Show a little respect for your friendship and walk away with your pride still intact."

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Birthday February 10, 18 years old

5' 8" Tall, long Black hair, Blue eyes

Marcella is a research assistant in the Science department at Curtis Hall. The daughter of Marco Venier, lord of Cerigo, Marcella has an extensive past filled with intrigue. Inordinately intelligent, yet ever patient and kind she is decidedly realistic. Marcella embraces her life and relationships enjoying them to the fullest.

Memorable Quote: " A false hope, he is foul to the core. One can never teach the Scorpion not to sting."

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Birthday March 21, 17 years old

5' 5" Tall, long Red hair, Blue eyes

Always in full control of her emotions, Skye mirrors in personality the Chameleon tattoo on the inside of her wrist. Daughter of Emanuel Floresku, the Prime Minister of Romania, Skye has learned the art of diplomacy well. She is seldom swayed be her feelings and takes great pride in accomplishing what must be done.

Memorable Quote: " Just don't wait too man, regardless of age, likes to be made to look like a fool."


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