Everyone loves a good triangle, let's be honest! whether you love to love , love to hate or just plain love a great friendship, SURVIVING CURTIS HALL will satisfy your appetite for an emotion packed three way!

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Love can take you to thew top of the world or leave you in a free fall, sometimes you never know how close you are to either extreme.

Hibernia High's cutest couple Billy Morrow and Sasha Roux had it all...at least as far as Billy was concerned. So what happens to lovestruck Billy when his academic dreams come true and he gains admission to Curtis Hall? The lacrosse field is the one place Billy feels confident and in control, will his talent force him to leave Sasha behind?

Sasha has got it all together on the outside, but she had been waiting listed for Curtis Hall causing chaos to her insides. Bright and vivacious, Sasha has been waiting for the chance to take the world by storm. In a lucky roll of the dice, Sasha is chosen as a late admission to Curtis Hall. The young couple is reunited, but will their romance be cut short  as Sasha struggles to decide between experiencing all life has to offer and staying safely in her comfort zone?

Pierce Ferrari hasn't made his personal life a priority since Monique, his girlfriend of sophomore and junior year, moved back home to France. Being a born leader, Pierce is used to success in every area of his life. When Sasha walks into his French class sparks do fly. Sasha is moved by his charming, confident style, Pierce is intrigued be Sasha's flirty playful overtures, but is the excitement of something new enough to pull each of these two away from the past?

Find out soon in SURVIVING CUTIS HALL!

Hate can fuel you to create or destroy, conquer or be conquered! It is all in one's own ability to empower them self when faced with adversity or an adversary!

Rivals from the time of Pietro's birth, Marcella and Pietro share a hatred that only siblings can. Blaming him for their mother's death in the birthing bed, Marcella could never bring herself to see Pietro as more than a vile nuisance. Born to privilege and a doting father, she was quite hesitant to share his attention with anyone much less this miscreant.

Raised in a household where men are dominant and superior, Pietro never understood his father's softness towards Marcella. Both irritated and disappointed by his father's favoritism, Pietro acted out in order to bring attention back upon himself. Oftentimes he would humiliate others including his sister in a desperate attempt to raise his own self worth.

Skye was introduced to Marcella at a time when she was vulnerable and formed a powerful alliance. She has witnessed first hand Pietro's cruelty and spite, there is no love lost between them. A strong and imposing personality on her own, Skye is not about to be intimidated by Pietro's unyielding presence.

Who will outmaneuver who in this chess match of hatred?

Some say that friendship is the only bond of choice. That may be quite true, but how far can that bond be stretched before it will break? Only those essential components of the friendship can ever make that determination.

Three musketeers since their sandbox days Tristen, Sasha and Billy have been there for each other since day one. Sure they have had their minor differences, but above all they accept each other with all their flaws. Of course in Billy's eyes his best friend Tristen has no flaws.

Tristen would lay down his life for either Billy or Sasha without a second thought. In fact, he spends a good deal of time taking care of his friends whether that means being the confidant or the go to man. He is definitely the one they want on their side when the going gets tough.

Billy has had a few bad breaks, but, he is grateful for his Friendships with Tristen and Sasha. Ultimately, he wants them to be happy even at his own cost. Bottom line, he's got Tristen's back and he loves Sasha enough to give her up if he has no other choice.

Sasha loves to bust their chops, but let someone else try that in front of her. Not a good idea! Like most woman Sasha enjoys the prerogative to change her mind.

Will Curtis Hall strengthen their bonds of friendship or force them apart?