Birthday June 14th

5' 11'' Tall, Black curly hair, Green eyes, Bronze skin

Nikko is a fisherman by trade and he has the chiseled muscles to prove it. Marcella's first love, he is native to her hometown in Cerigo. Nikko exudes an adventurous spirit and worldly attitude. With all the determination of youth, Nikko sets his sights on winning both his fortune and the hand of the woman he loves on the sea.

Memorable Quote: " Marcella, my precious, come and let me look upon you." 

Birthday January 13th

5' 10'' Tall, Dark Brown hair, Dark Brown eyes

Attractive and mischevious in a Tom Sawyer kind of way, Bryce is a gifted Artist from Long Island, New York. He possesses a keen ability to photo recall anything he has seen. However, He despises all 'Jocks', and is quite resentful that the girls he finds interesting seem to swoon at the very sight of the athletes. Bryce is especially annoyed with Tristen and his friends for causing such a stir with their admittance to 'his school'.

Memorable Quote: " OK Man, I don't know what that means and I'm not sure I care. That Babe is worth the effort!"

Birthday December 31st

5' 11'' Tall, Reddish/Brown hair, Blue eyes

Bryce's best friend, Colin is both upbeat and spunky. Originally from Scotland, he speaks with an accent and tends to mix unusual words into his conversation. Colin is a wicked guitar player and is a very colorful addition to the Curtis Hall student body. You may not always understand what he is saying, but his actions will always make his intentions clear.

Memorable Quote: "Ye know how the lassie's can be, once they get to talkin'. It'll be the wee hours of the morn an we'll be furgettin' all else."

Birthday March 3rd

5' 10'' Tall, Sandy Blond hair, Brown eye, mustache

Nickname for Professor Stavros who is the head of the research and development department at Curtis Hall. Also the Chemistry/Science teacher, Cyclops was blinded in one eye during a chemistry experiment. He is an exceptionally brilliant man, devoted to his research,but, lacking in common people skills he comes across as odd.

Memorable Quote: " Don't worry, my dear, he is safe with me as are all your other secrets."

Birthday November 28th

5' 9'' Tall, Black hair, Hazel eyes

Marcella's brother, forever skewed by his jealousy of her, Pietro is a vile and loathsome person. Born to privilege, he likes to get his way and can be absolutely treacherous in the pursuit of his goals. He preys upon Marcella's generosity or pity to get his needs met.

Memorable Quote: " I demand that you return me to my home, my life...How dare you presume that a mere woman can control me!"