Here We Are

                                                               Standing just a few inches away 

                                                       The silence blocks out all that I would say

                                                           Why do I always feel so inadequate?

                                             You don't show your feelings and words don't seem to fit

                                                Perhaps you've already said it all, only I haven't heard

                                                  I'm left wanting to scream, does that sound absurd?

                                                   The cold has penetrated deep into my very bones

                                     The words that were said may have been bad ...or was it the tones?

                                                            Do you wish to erase the past hurt?

                                         I do, no matter, no one has that power once they've been curt

                                For now I remain comfortably numb, wrapped in my lack of emotion like a burial shroud

                                     You, off in the distance, seemingly struck dumb, satisfied to be forlorn and proud

                                               Solution, an elusive creature, not unlike the vulnerable wraith

                                                  Problem, the ever present Spector, snuffing out all faith

                                                         Past, present, future are not all said and done

                                                       Why is this game of life so easily played by some?

                                               Here we are, a temporary situation, in the eternal ebb and roll

                                   I toil endlessly towards a satisfactory conclusion, desiring ultimatelyto be whole.









                                                                       Falling Apart


                                                           I'm falling apart ...bit by bit,

                                                           Like the shattered pane of glass,

                                                          Shards descending to the ground,

                                                          In slow motion ...devoid of sound,


                                                         Can I be fixed or is there no repair?

                                                         Dare I utter the words ...a feeling sadly unfair,

                                                         Is this, my fate, just or merely despair?


                                                        I hold my breath hoping to focus,

                                                       light reflects off the shards as they glitter with a star-like quality,

                                                       I remain motionless,

                                                      any slight movement could result in painful finality,


                                                     Imagining an arduous retreat, soles bleeding, extinguishing the fire of my grief,

                                                    A few encouraging words from you capable of pulling me to safety and relief,


                                                   Mental torment, my current status, seems unavoidable,

                                                  Yet, I'd still choose the momentary escape of your embrace affable,

                                                  I summon most of my energies,

                                                  Solely to protect me from becoming laughable,


                                                  How long I can withstand this eclipse of reason ... I cannot say,

                                                 Can you? Look me in the eye,

                                                 Respond yay or nay,

                                                 Will I contest the agony ... keep it at bay for yet another day?





                                                             When Fairer Equates To Scarier


                                           Female, Chicklet, Woman, all another name for the fairer sex,

                                                 Is she just beautiful, mischievous or deadly?

                                                  Perhaps that's precisely why we are wrecks,


                                                    A mystery unfolding before my very eyes,

                                           As I peal back each layer, I reveal all her how's and why's,


                                           Motives wrapped within emotion and hidden from view,

                                              Did you think escape was possible, a simple adieu?


                                                  I hold my breath every time she turns away,

                                             Will she return to me? Like a summer breeze after

                                                                a scorching hot day?


                                          Will there be other nights of stargazing and dream making?

                                       Rather than wishing my nightmares would be stayed by waking,


                                         Yet, a fortunate opportunity awaits, all in a smile touching her lips,

                                              the sparkle in her eye, the blush that kisses her cheek,

                                       Dare I seize the moment before it slips away? Will euphoria give

                                                            way to danger leaving me weak?


                                          That is the scarier sex, a lady you say, more treacherous

                                                                    than a viper say I !

                                         Feigning empathy, trustworthiness and congeniality, all the

                                                  while secretly plotting vengeance with a sigh,

                                              If I am unable to decipher this riddle called woman,

                                                                  I'll most certainly die,


                                      You consider yourself safe, cozy and comfortable at a distance,

                                        Little do you acknowledge the severity of your indifference,

                                     As for me, fairer equates to scarier, I don't deny my inference,

                                I will endeavor to resolve my circumstance, lest I leave her triumphantly

                                                              in control of my existence.