A time of change, renewal, reinvention

                                                 A time full of hope, forward motion, intention,

                                              An end for withdrawn thinking, doubts, hesitation,


                                                 Daylight hours extend bringing clarity and focus,

                                               Warmth envelopes us like a cozy blanket of crocus,

                                                    making all exertion much less hocus pocus,


                                                                    Smite all discontent,

                                                     Instead ,,,Smile and illuminate while you vent,

                                                        Spread your happiness as if it were bait,

                                                   let all who would stand in your path finally wait!




                                                      A focal point clearly in the distance,

                                             It's difficult to judge how far while in this stance,

                                                      Is this perfect view a reachable goal?

                                                 Or is it so tempting ,I would offer up my soul.


                                                      Can there ever be pleasure without pain?

                                           If these emotions control my existance is there only distain,

                                       Or can it be controlled with practice, persistance or actions profane,

                                               What are the chances of clarity before I go Insane?


                                                    Thus, I will hide keeping sight on my target,

                                            Camouflaged by my normalcy, responsibility, and my circuit,

                                               Always aware of the dangers that I must interpret,

                                                And ever vigilent of being exposed upon this turret.